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MSP Assessment


MSP Assessment

Test how well you know Microsoft Project.

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You are working on a project that has tasks with no flexibility. Which constraint type offers no flexibility?

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You would like to understand which tasks are critical and which are not. When looking at the Gantt chart, how are these tasks identified by default?

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You are troubleshooting a schedule on someone else's computer The schedule has 10,000 tasks. When a change is made to a task's duration on a Fixed Units task, the start and finish dates do not change. change highlighting does not appear, and the Gantt Chart bat does not update. What is the cause of this issue?

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Which option is not available in the Report tab on the ribbon?

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A project contains many elements. What is used to describe the sum of the work required?

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You want to switch the scheduling mode for a project from scheduling from a start date to scheduling from a finish date. This action will change the default constraint from As Soon As Possible to As Late As Possible. Which dialog box should you use to make this change?

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When setting the **Calculate multiple critical paths** option in a master project's **Advanced** settings, which statement is correct?

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Which of the following defines the project scope in terms of deliverables and components, and provides the framework on which the project status is based?

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You would like the ability to edit your typed entries in the Entry Bar, which appears below the ribbon and above the default Entry table in the Gantt Chart view. You recently received a new computer and noticed that the Entry Bar is missing. How do you fix this?

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Where can you set fixed duration, effort driven, and manually scheduled?

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