Project Online E-cademy (DEMO)
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    This section is only intended to show you how Project sites are setup in the Microsoft 365 Admin center.  The dashboard to the Microsoft 365 Admin center will be shown as seen below.

    Once you are in the Admin center, scroll down until you see Resources located on the left side bar.  Next, click on “Sites”  as shown below

    Once you click on “Sites”, a new pop-up window will appear as shown below which will take you to the Sharepoint Admin Center.  This is where you will create a PWA Site stored in your Site Collections.

    Next click on the “Other options” box located on the bottom right.

    Once you are in the Other options box, follow the sequence below.

    After you click Finish, Microsoft 365 will load the PWA Site as shown below, loading times may take up to five minutes based on your Microsoft server or tenant sites.  Once site is completely loaded, you will see it located in the list as shown below.

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