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Now that you have made it this far, you now have the basic understanding and knowledge of the responsibilities of a POL Administrator. 

We thank you for taking this course and hope you enjoyed it just as I did.  If you like to further enhance your skills in POL.  I recommend the following courses below which is also listed in the NAVWAR Project Online Manual:

Recommended Training – Project Online/Power BI

Project Online/Project Professional 2016 Training

Link to document in NAVWAR Project Online Community

Below are links for recommended training for Project Online or Project Professional 2016.

6.0 Training

Program Management University

Training Catalog

Schedule Management Fundamentals

This training is designed to provide a detailed overview of established best practices and concepts for schedule management. This training is ideal for people who are new to schedule management as well as those people who already have experience with scheduling. This training outlines the schedule management process, translating scope to activities, time estimation techniques, understanding relationships and dependencies, creating a schedule model, utilizing critical path methodology, understanding schedule float, applying schedule compression techniques, identifying areas of common schedule risk, and understanding the basic concepts and application of Earned Value Management.

Schedule Management Workshop

This workshop is designed to provide ‘consultant style’ support for project management efforts. Through a facilitated meeting, this workshop can provide assistance with project planning efforts; including tailoring considerations, strategic factors, and planning for elements including scope, schedule, risk, communications, quality, and more.

Udemy Training

Ultimate Microsoft Project 2016 Course

  • Consolidating multiple projects.
  • Learn to effectively split projects into sub-projects.
  • How to track costs.
  • Effective use of budgets.
  • Manage cost rate changes.
  • Import and exporting of project data.
  • Includes exercise files.
  • Learn valuable new skills for complex projects at work
  • Discover how to work with costs, deadlines, and overcome scheduling issues
  • Learn critical paths
  • Setting up tasks and tracing their paths
  • Discover how to use subtasks, dependencies, deadlines, and resources
  • How to format a Gantt chart
  • Resource allocation
  • Leveling
  • Interim plans and baselines
  • Safeguards and restrictions
  • Learn how to use Project 2016 on a touch device
  • How to measure a project against a baseline project
  • How to save your project as a template for future projects
  • Utilize calendars and timelines in MS Project 2016
  • Assign resources to a task
  • Discover how to manage cost rate changes
  • Use of outline codes and WBS codes
  • How to use macros the speed up use and work more efficiently

Project Management with MS Project – Scheduling Master Class

  • Learn how to use Microsoft Project.
  • Learn Microsoft Project best practices.
  • Gain Project Management knowledge.
  • Improve Project Management skills.
  • Develop skills in project scheduling.
  • Learn the art and science of managing projects with Microsoft Project

Microsoft Project ALL: BEGINNER to EXPERT

  • Create EXPERT-LEVEL Project plans using Microsoft Project (all versions) over 10 (TEN) COMPLETE hands-on Project Exercises – progressively elaborated
  • Manage all your Resources inside Microsoft Project – whether it is people, money, machinery, licenses or even shared resources
  • Create 100s of world-class, self-updating Graphical Reports – at the click of a button
  • Resolve OVERALLOCATIONS – using multiple ways provided by Microsoft Project
  • Identify Risks a mile ahead – Mitigate them early – Build Contingency in your plans
  • Identify Critical Paths as easy as 1-2-3 add Summary tasks
  • Make Weekly tracking and reporting a PLEASURE – and not a pain
  • Track PROJECT VARIANCE at a microscopic level if you please
  • PRACTICE with 100+ project download files in various stages of the 10 exercises covered
  • CORE TEACHINGS – you can use ANY Project flavor (online, offline, desktop, professional) – what you learn here will not get obsolete

LinkedIn Learning

Microsoft Project Online: Administration

  • Managing subscriptions and licenses
  • Setting project permissions modes
  • Managing users, groups, and permissions
  • Working with custom fields and lookup tables
  • Creating new enterprise resources
  • Deleting enterprise objects
  • Managing the queue process
  • Updating views and other interface options
  • Managing time and task settings
  • Creating templates
  • Creating workflows
  • Creating enterprise project types

Microsoft Project 2019 and Project Online Desktop Essential Training

  • Identify the essential features within Microsoft Project.
  • Use efficient methods to set up Project files.
  • Identify features within Microsoft Project.
  • Produce and modify tasks for a project task list.
  • Describe methods for linking project tasks to initiate a schedule.
  • Manipulate views to display project information.
  • Distinguish Microsoft Project resource types and fields.
  • Identify methods for fine-tuning a project schedule.
  • Demonstrate steps to update and track project progress.
  • Analyze project performance using Microsoft Project features.

Agile Project Management with Microsoft Project

Learn how to use Microsoft Project to manage agile and hybrid projects. Bonnie Biafore covers setting up agile projects for success, as well as creating custom fields to track elements unique to the agile project method, such as features and sprints. She also shows how to manage traditionally scheduled tasks and agile work side by side, track agile project progress, generate burndown reports, and determine your team’s velocity. Plus, learn about the agile tools that are built into the Project Online desktop client.


Projility has a great series on YouTube. You will need to use a contractor/personal device to get to these training videos.

Projility on YouTube

  • Tips and Tricks for Microsoft Project
  • Microsoft Project Desktop Client Tips and Tricks
  • Using Power Apps to support your Project Management process
  • Improve Work and Task Planning with Microsoft Project
  • Better Resource Management with Microsoft PPM
  • Art of the Possible with Microsoft Project and Microsoft Teams
  • Reporting from your Microsoft PPM system
  • Leveraging Power Apps with your Microsoft Project Management Solution
  • Improved Project Management with Microsoft Teams, Project Online, and Planner
  • Leveraging Microsoft Teams and Project together

Power BI

Udemy Training

Microsoft Power BI – A Complete Introduction

  • At the end of this course students will be able to analyze data from different data sources and create their own datasets
  • Students will be able to comfortably work with the different tools of the Power BI universe and know how the different tools work together
  • Students will have the required knowledge to dive deeper into Power BI and find out more about its advanced features

Microsoft Power BI – Business Intelligence for Beginners

  • Learn to use the easiest Business Intelligence tool to create stunning reports and dashboards.
  • Learn how you can visualize that data in a meaningful way to revile insights into your business like never before.
  • Learn how, with Power BI, to connect to multiple sources of data like SQL Server, Excel, CSV, JSON, XML, Web and SQL Analysis Services etc….
  • Learn how to, with the power of basic DAX, create powerful calculations and comparisons across multiples tables of data.
  • Learn how to create advanced DAX measures and calculated columns for complex calculations.
  • Learn Dataflows (new CDM base, Azure Lake gen2), what it is and how to use and configure databases in it.
  • Learn how to use charts using visuals like column, line, pie, combo, Scatter, Treemap, Funnel, Gauges and KPIs to name a few.
  • Easily clean the messy data, model your data as per your requirement and format your report to make it look beautiful and professional.
  • Learn to create powerful tables and matrix of reporting data.
  • Learn how to use Text Boxes, Shapes, Images, maps, and other visuals.
  • Learn how to turn data into insight and data into interactive visualizations to tell a story.
  • Learn how to use advanced features like Report page tooltips and Bookmarks.
  • Learn to use Custom Visualizations and Themes in Power BI.
  • Learn and develop data modeling skills.
  • Learn how to automate the cleansing of data.
  • Learn how to collaboration and sharing of content on Microsoft’s Powerful platform.
  • This hands on course will prepare you to start your data analytics career.
  • Learn Dashboard-in-a-day at your own pace at home or at your office.
  • Learn Power BI Best Practices, Tip and Tricks.

LinkedIn Learning

Project Online Reporting with Power BI

  • Getting Started with Power BI
  • Creating a Project Online data connection
  • Creating a basic report
  • Using samples and content packs
  • Working with Power BI measures
  • Creating calculated columns
  • Working with conditional formatting
  • Developing DAX expressions
  • Fine-tuning reports and dashboards
  • Adding custom visuals
  • Merging datasets
  • Sharing and publishing reports
  • Embedding reports in Project Online


Power BI Intro Webinar

Tap into your Project Online data with Microsoft Power BI

Managing your Digital Transformation Program with Project Online and Power BI

Visualize Resource Management and Capacity with Project Online and Power BI   

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